Tanner and Kate update

Tanner and Kate eating their sweet potato fries and playing together. They are getting so big!

Cute things Tanner has done/said lately:

-The other day I was trying to attach a booster seat to a dining room chair and for some reason it wouldn't latch properly. He had been watching me get frustrated for a few minutes and said, "Mommy it's okay." Then he gave me a huge hug, backed away, cupped my face with both of his hands and said again, "Mommy, it's okay."

-He has been the sweetest little boy ever lately. Usually I feel like most of the day is frustrating and tiring with toddlers and then you get a tiny glimpse of their perfect beings a couple times a day. Well, for the past 4 days he has been amazing. Whether it's him, or me seeing him differently, he has been so sweet. If he asks for something and I have to say no, he says, "Otay (ok) Mommy. Maybe later." Amazing. In the past if I say no, it's been an all out yelling fit, usually with the phrase, "Dangit Mom, I need it" thrown in a couple of times. He has been putting away his toys, begging to sing "the temple" song everyday, and more. I have loved it. I am just counting my blessings and trying to enjoy every moment until he yells "Dangit Mom" again = )

-Tanner has finally started saying prayers! It is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. It makes me tear up almost everytime. This is a typical prayer he will say (all on his own): Heaminly Fader, thank you day, thank you blessings, thank you mommy/daddy, thank you Tanner, thank you Tate, thank you Tate asleeping (because Kate is usually asleep by the time night prayer comes), Thank you cars, pease bless safety, name Jesus Chwyst, amen." When we say prayers in the morning, he adds in, "Thank you daddy a workin' " It is so sweet.

-Tanner has really gotten into rearranging our furniture. In less than two minutes, he will have moved our kitchen table, all the chairs, the barstools and Kate's highchair into the the hallway, removed all of the couch cushions, move the ottoman and flipped over the living room coffee table and pushed it into the kitchen. It's great. I love tripping over everything and then putting it all back. Somehow it takes me longer to put things back than it does for him to take it all apart.

-If he sneezes he will bless himself. For example he will sneeze two times in a row and say, "bless you, bless you"

Cute things Kate does:

-She just started clapping. I love it.

-She LOVES Tanner's Little People Garage. It is by far her favorite toy in the house. She climbs on top of it all day long.

-She LOVES to eat things off the floor. Tanner never put things in his mouth. I realize he was abnormal, but that's what I got used to, so now I am constantly sweeping the floor.

-Shad bought her a doll at Walmart and she loves it. When she sees it, she lights up, squeals and then laughs. It's so cute.

-Her favorite foods: apple slices, blueberries, oatmeal, whole wheat pancakes and waffles (with syrup of course...she won't eat them plain), watermelon, peas, , soy yogurt, ANYTHING if you're eating it.

I finally finished cleaning out the toyroom. The painted canvases are for the kids' artwork. All I have left is to put up the molding around the chalkboard wall.