Tanner and Kate Pictures

The first couple of pictures were at the park a couple of days ago. I used to think of living near a park being a blessing. Now I think it's sort of a curse too. Tanner wants to go to the park all day and all night. It can be pitch black outside or scorching hot and he still says, "Mommy, let's go to park. Come on Mom. Let's go." If we can't go right that minute, then it's a crying fest at the garage door. However, it's been cooling off a bit, so we are able to go there more often, which is nice.

The picture of Kate sleeping is from this morning. We went on a walk and I guess it was just too tiring for her. = )

Kate is all of the sudden more picky about her food. If it's something new, she will barely part her lips for a "taste." If she approves, she'll open up really big and get impatient if it doesn't come fast enough. But if she doesn't approve then she closes her mouth and refuses to open it. In the middle picture she is drinking a smoothie-she loves them.

Tomorrow we're going to the zoo. Tanner is ecstatic and has been talking about it for weeks.