Bows, Bows and Bows

I couldn't find any bows here for Kate's hair. Every time I saw a cute bow in a little 's hair and I'd ask the Mom, "Cute, where'd you find that?", I'd hear the response, "Oh, we get them in Utah."

Sooooo....I just had to learn how to make them. I mean let's face it, if you had a girl with as much hair as Kate, having bows would be on your priority list too. = )

Oh yeah, and when Shad saw the bows he says, "You should sell these on ebay Liz." I said, "yeah, let's see it took me about 20 minutes per bow, so I might profit 6 bucks an hour after materials and shipping." He still thought that sounded great. Every time I do a craft he responds with ,"You should sell these on ebay Liz." I have yet to do that, and I doubt I ever will. Sorry Shad.