The last couple of days

I just tried to upload videos to Google and it wouldn't work. Has anyone else been having trouble? Or have any tips? I can't understand why sometimes it works great and sometimes it won't work at all. In my "uploaded videos" file it will show the videos but won't open them and says, "you may not be able to view this file."

Tanner "helped" me make chicken pot pie yesterday. He really liked to knead it (something you don't do with pastry dough) and to spread flour on the counter. "I think it needs a little more flour Mom. Okay?" And then he'd take a large fistful and spread it on the counter. Then while I was trying to cut out the leaves for the top, and Tanner would say, "Tanner do it. Tanner do it Mommy." Then he would the cookie cutter out of my hands so fast and before I knew it, he would put a huge leaf indention in the middle of the pastry dough. Again, he was very "helpful". But, it was still worth it. It was just a silly pot pie anyway.

This was before we cooked it. Mom...I used half Crisco and half butter and it turned out GREAT! Maybe someday when I have your baking skills I will be able to cut out the Crisco and still have it flaky like yours. = ) Along with fluffier bread, right?

Kate watches Tanner ride his bike all day long and has taken a liking for it herself. Whenever Tanner will let her (pretty much when he is sleeping), she crawls up to his bike and gets the biggest smile. She LOVES it. I honestly think she tries to get on it and ride it. Usually it starts to roll forward while she's standing next to it, and then she falls over. But she just gets up and tries again. It's so cute. Notice the car in her hand. I really need to buy the poor a doll.

Shad is "race-car" driving today with his buddies. They started going to this track once a year to race each other in these super fast go carts. They're not really go carts but I don't know the name for them. Anyhow, I hope he is safe, because last year he broke his rib doing it.

The most exciting thing for me this weekend, is that we're getting our carpets and couch cleaned. Just in case you wondered, Tanner has had diarrhea shoot through the side of his diaper twice on our couch and who several times on our carpet. I know you're all jealous. So the poop along with yogurt, soy milk and spit up are all going to vanish out of our carpets and couch today. Again, I am so excited.

Our pool is filthy and I need to clean it today. I actually enjoy cleaning it. It's so nice to be outside looking at pretty water while I clean.