Hardly a 5-star..

Everything about this picture is so wrong. I still chortle every time I get a glimpse of it, which would mean I was in the time capsule again. Do you remember Kel? There it was bigger than life on the marquee as we pulled up. Rooms & Efficiencies. Phones. Large Pool. (not safe to swim in) HBO Rooms. And my favorite. Working Mans Rates!! The parking lot was full of pick-up trucks too. This would be our home for the weekend.

My friend since before Saturday Night Fever was a smash hit, Kelly aka "Kel-tini" and I hooked up with her brother and some friends in Rehoboth Beach a few years ago for a little "get-away". We suspected with Chris in control and organizing the weekend we were in safe hands. This was his thing. We did not give a second thought when he anxiously volunteered to take care of all hotel accommodations with a slightly suspicious chuckle. You see, loving brother is one of those "connected" types(you have no idea how connected) and travels the world sleeping umm staying with Kings, Queens, Ambassadors and the likes of dignitaries in far away places (countries that I can't even pronounce--and I've traveled!) that we only hallucinate about. Yes, we live vicariously through him. He swears he works for the U.N.(lives in Paris) but we've always surmised it's something "Top secret" with the Feds. Yes, I have an active imagination. Surprise, surprise. Anyway, you can imagine our dismay when we pulled up the to luxurious "Fountain Motel". We convinced ourselves there was another Fountain Motel. There must be some mistake. We left. Convinced ourselves there was something bigger and splashier. There was no fountain. It was a bird bath of sorts with a bit of a sputter and splatter. After finally catching Chris on his cell and he confirming that we were at the right place we gathered our belongings and checked in. If we thought the outside was bad we were in for a bigger surprise when we opened the door to our home for the weekend. Nothing could have prepared us for the stink that smacked us in the face like road kill. And the filth! We couldn't stop laughing and then there were the "resident's of the motel. I think some of them might have had permanent residency there. No teeth, chain smokers, alcoholics. It would be a weekend not to be forgotten. Ever.

Kel, do you remember how badly this room smelled? And the candles Chris just so happened to bestow upon us?! hmmm makes me wonder how often he had set friends up at there. Scary?! No, this is not one of Jerry Garcia's band member's or groupies! It's my dear friend legal beagle Kelly. We did have a great time with the boys that weekend, didn't we?!