Toy Store for your little kiddies...

I've been asked to try out a few products that ebeanstalk is considering selling on their web site. This is what I discovered. Let me rephrase that. This is what the girls have discovered.

They we loved the bath writers! Awesome. Bath time was a new experience. Not that my girls ever argued about bath time but it was so fun hearing them giggle and splash with their new fond creation!! They loved colouring all over the walls and mommy not saying "no, no, no"!

The Playtex Sippy Cup. I would have to say this was my favorite of all the products. Not only was it dishwasher safe but it was spill proof and lightweight. The girls loved the animated characters on the cup and were encouraged to drink because they found it to be fun. They especially liked the dianasour.

Playtex baby einstein fork and spoon. I would have loved to have had this when the girls first stared using utensils. No need to worry about them poking out their eye! Super lightweight and the food stays on the fork and spoon. Easy for a little hand to hold. Also has colours on it for those leaning their colours. This is also dishwasher safe. And plastic!

The Baby Einstein Playtex plate is awesome. The girls got such a kick out of the colorful figures on the plate. They loved pointing out what was in the bottom of the bowl after they lapped and licked up everything on their plate. Plate is the perfect size for a toddler and plastic! My girls are not eating a lot of food at this point as they seem to graze all day. Plate is dish washer safe and plastic. A real bonus for me. They're into throwing things in the sink now. Helping mommy....

E-beanstalk has agreed to give all of my blogger buddies a 10% discount off of anything you purchase. Just use the code "twingirls". Please visit their web-site at Let them be your toys to go to store!!!