Babysitting Sophia

This week we are lucky enough to be babysitting Sophia, Tanner's bestfriend. Her Mom Lillie (my bestfriend), went to New York this week, so Tanner gets to play with Sophie for 3 whole days. It works out well, since last Fall, I went to New York and she watched Tanner for me. It's so nice to have good friends. Before Kate was born, we also used to switch kids every weekend, one of us would take Fri. night, the other Sat. night, so we could go on dates with our husbands. I miss those days. Now I get to fork out 6 bucks an hour for a sitter.

Anyhow, Tanner and Sophia get so excited to see each other in the morning...they squeal, jump up and down and give each other hugs. They play well for a couple of hours, then they fight/make-up (this happens throughout the day), Sophie naps, and then they get excited all over again to see each other when she wakes up. Kate also loves it, because Sophie gives her attention and is really sweet with her.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday and today.