We're going to Utah for a family reunion so I won't be on here for a while. Shad's Mom lives in a very remote area with no cell or internet service. And, I got my camera today. So I will test it out over the trip to see if I like it and post some pics when I get back. To my sisters and Mom....I LOVE this blogging thing and read your blogs and want to respond but it seems by the time I've finished reading your posts, a little one in my house needs me. But I do read them and love them. Eventually I'll get a hang of having 2 little ones. But by then I'm sure we'll have a third. = ) Isn't that the way it works? Love you all! So if you call, I won't get your message until I get back. Also, Danielle, I'm not coming to Idaho (I wish I were, but it's not going to work out) and Amy I packaged your thumb drive and it will be in the mail tomorrow.