Happy 4th of July!

Let me just start by saying I was wearing my new (that's right) underpants and I felt warm all under(you thought I was going to say something else!) today. I will let you in on a secret it's been a while(long while and no longer a secret) since I've bought some of the finer underneath garments. Rarely wear them, however at my age everything is going south if you get my meaning so we all need a little support. You may have already noticed I haven't had the ass lifted yet. Anyway, I decided yesterday that I was sick of my underpants touching my bra and worse rolling down under what I refer to now as my stomach when I sit down. So, I went nuts in the lingerie department at Kohl's. Oh, Shut-up! Victoria Secret's doesn't make them for us full figured girls. So, you might say I was excited about today. I got to wear my new panties. No rolling, and no lines......

I had twisted dh's bribed him with special favors (fill in the blank) to take the family to the National Zoo in celebration of the 4th of July. You know as a family. A real family. He freaked at first. I think he thought they might keep the monkeys(or maybe me...come to think about it maybe that's why he started rushing....) but he finally came round especially when he got his wits about him and remembered the prize. Don't have to tell that boy twice. *snicker*

We crawled out of bed and into the shower before the roosters! Well, it sure as hell felt like it anyway. I couldn't wait to put on my new panties though. It was almost like the first day of school. The anticipation was so great. Guaranteed to make my "tush" look lifted. I was rearing to go and dh wanted to be the first in line at the zoo. He's like that. You would have thought they were giving away one of those big mac daddy 72" plasma T'.V's the way dh was barking orders and salivating for everyone to get in the car and get in there now!

Anyway, girls were fed, dressed and loaded in the family machine along with all the necessities required when traveling with the little monsters by 9:00am. (tons of diapers, wet wipes, bag of animal crackers, dried mangoes, bottle of wine for mommy, camera, water, sippy cups, aspirin,--for mommy -- phones, more aspirin for mommy and their favorite stuffed animals Remmy and Emile). Me included. Dh was the Gestapo on a good day he knew we needed to depart D.C. long before the evening festivities took place if we stood a chance of getting home tonight. (traffic and all) Needless to say he had his cattle prod out and wasn't afraid to use it. We filed into the family machine like obedient inmates who were afraid they would end up in solitary confinement for questioning the guard. Total anal freak a-do...Me rolling the eyes the entire time. After all I've got on my new panties. I've got all day and the world waits for me!!

We cruised into D.C. in record time. (40 minutes) Traffic was amazingly light. That won't be the case later this afternoon. Pity the fools that do brave it. Especially with the down pour that's expected. Anyway, we had a great time checking out some of the new exhibits and viewing some we had seen b.c. (before children) Girls got such a kick out of the otters, and the prairie dogs. We could have stood there for days. They kept squealing and laughing. They really were more of a "show" than the animals. Abbey has adopted Katie's "fake" laugh. So, funny. We call it the "mommy" laugh. Yeah, they got it from me. I'm a big faker.

The food at the zoo is, well.... gross and very expensive. We ate at a sub, pizza place and needless to say I had gas the rest of the day! I couldn't wait to get home so that I could explode. Let it rip. Seriously. I would have let it rip in the family machine however we did have Mai with us and I do have a little scruples about me. Stop laughing at me!

Of course the day would not be complete without some rude or inappropriate conversation. We had the pleasure of meeting another family who had adopted from China at the petting farm. Everything was going swimmingly and then the daddy throws in "well, we asked for twins too but man are we glad we didn't get them, cuz we are able to give her so much attention". Dh and I look at one another and both nod like "yeah, we give our girls no attention". We wished him luck with his upcoming second adoption and excuse ourselves. We both commented in the car what a strange comment it was. I must have a beacon on my head that flashes and says "please, please say something, anything rude to me I can take it"! Shzz!

Daddy is napping and I'm all stretched out here on the sofa(passing gas with a smile on my face) just reflecting what a wonderfully great holiday it was. I will leave you with a few fotos of our grande day. Happy 4th of July to all!!!! I have to go someone is calling in his "chit".....