Glad I'm not there--yet!

I was having a chat with er well um let's say a person of interest. you know who you are.... (She always makes me laugh my arse off with her funny stories about her boys-I mean kids--love her and her life). The names have been changed to protect those in protective custody!

Me: "So, you don't think he's (person in question.) has had sex yet? (mere 18 years old--going off to college in the fall).

Person in protective custody: "Um, yeah, although don't want to think that he has".

Me: "What makes you think that he has"?

Person in protective custody: "Uh, I'm not a total idiot, I do wash his clothes and his undies tell the story". I'm getting a visual now and I remember him as a mere baby..... not a hound dog!

Me: "And he isn't embarrassed that you see all"?

Person in protective custody: "Yeah, we told warned him as a wee boy that he would have urges to touch himself when he got a bit older"! (dang even I'm blushing--and I touch myself).

Me: "He wasn't um, embarrassed at all".

Person in protective custody: "Nope not at all". As he said we warned him of this day!

Me: "G-d am I glad I have girls"!

Person in protective custody: "I think I have it much better than you".

Me: Yeah, she could have something there--I remember me as a young girl with raging hormones!

Going to bed now. Exhausted from no sleep last three nights of no sleep......

P.S. Person in protective custody, remember when I told you that I share with the world.... but only the good stuff.....I love you girly girl and I love your life. *wiink*. You know I love you more than anything in this world. You are my inspiration. (insert grinning from ear to ear here). Le-smooches to you...and your handsomely gorgeous perfect family.....