Mother's Day to those I adore and love!

This week's photo challenge, in honor of Mother's Day, is "Mothers". Besides my mother there are some other mother's who have touched my life significantly and left a lasting impression . I cherish these strong ladies and feel fortunate to have them in my life. I would like to include and pay homage to them. They are truly worthy.

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My mom. When I think how hard it must have been back then raising four little girls all under the age of five, and with no outside help I shudder. I find it to be a real balancing act racked with anxiety most days just getting out the door to work. And I have live-in help with my kids. Of course I was one of those people who thought that raising children would be a piece of cake. Don't slam me to hard....Boy was I sadly mistaken and I think the hard part is yet to come. Thank you mom for instilling in me the ability to know that I can do anything, although I will say there are days when I sit and wonder. You and dad have so much to be proud of. We girls all love you so. Blowing you a kiss and wishing we all lived a little closer. I love you mom. Your eldest.

Although she is not family (I wish she were my sister--she soo gets me) this person has touched my life in a way that I will never forget. We met in "cyber" world, but over the past couple of years she is someone I have grown to love and adore. She literally kept me from hyperventilating and jumping off a bridge during the long adoption wait. Her wit is uncanny and she can even be sarcastic (in a nice way) at times. But her care for others and her passion for her children and husband(yeah Bob she sooo loves you) is one of true devotion. I wish we lived in the same country! Sen, I tip my glass to you. I love you girly girl! Happy Mother's Day. You so deserve it! Your part-nar in crime....xxooxx

The person I admire most in this world now don't cry is my sister Vonda. I only hope that I'm half the mom she is. Her boys really do dig their mom. She's cool. ha ha. Although Jordan swears he will never tell her when he gets a girlfriend. Don't ask tooo many questions sis. *wink* You have nothing to worry about. She has always been a hands on mom to her boys (18&16) and managed to raise two lovely well mannered devoted boys who have been nothing but model children. AND gorgeous to boot!! I know she is angst with fear and worry about her darling son Chad going off to college (UCF) in the fall. He will be ok honey. You did (and Andy) an awesome job and you should be so, so very proud. I only wish she lived much closer to us or even in the same state! I know she would spoil my girls beyond rotten. I love you so much sweetie.

My dear friend Gisella P. who also adopted from China. We were in the same travel group and live within miles of one another. Not only that but we both are in the same industry. Talk about coincidence. After years of pain and anguish to have their own "birth" child she and her dh traveled half way around the world to bring their daughter home. I get the biggest thrill out of watching Gisella's face light up when her darling little daughter Olivia says "mommy. Truly touching.

Jeffrey's grandma G. If anyone was to be called a family "matriarch" it would be this little lady. She (and her late husband Irvin) raised a family with love and most importantly morals. None of the family would think of doing anything to shame the family name or grandma! I'm grateful to be a part of such a respected and admired family. We love you grandma.

My "mil". Without you I would not have met my dh. Thank you for raising such a loving son and father. I knew from the moment I met him that he was from good "stock" and I wanted to be part of it! My babies are lucky to have you as their "Nana" and I am lucky to have you in my life. You my "mil" are my double... Words can not express the admiration I have for you. Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for loving my babies as much as I do....xxooxx