I've been tagged

My friend Christie who is anxiously awaiting her referral tagged me with this little meme. You have to reveal 7 little facts about yourself and then tag 7 friends to do the same. So here they are:

1. I was 39 years old when I married Jeff. He was a babe just 29! Yep, I rocked the boat.

2. I hate bumper stickers. Of any kind.

3. I love country music. seriously.

I love sports cars. Real sports cars-- Porsche's BMW's Ferrari's.....

5. I'm a liberal. ---Don't slam me- and no I did not vote for Bush!

6. I hate NASCAR racing. Don't see the purpose of watching something go round and round and round...

7. I love my husband and children more than anything in this world. I am sooo very, very lucky.

8. I hate those baby on-board signs!

  1. Sen--Toronto
  2. Cindy--Raleigh
  3. Jen--Arizona
  4. Sue--Michigan
  5. Dirk--Oregon
  6. Diana--Toronto
  7. Dianne--Colorado?? Twins....
Okay in case there was a question of who was being tagged, I included your States/Provinces. Let's see what you got girly girls.....If you've been tagged already don't worry.