Here's to you Miss Katie

Katie is our child who lives out loud.

The world is one big giant stage for her...... She gets the biggest kick out of herself. Little Miss Independent.
It amazes me how she has blossomed and grown.

When she came to us a year ago she was a frightened scared little baby. Now she is my little performer. She loves an mother like daughter. Sad, but true...

She is such a little
chatterbox. We often --- every morning---hear her babbling away to herself in her crib.

Jeff and I crack up laughing.

We've considered keeping the baby monitor in their room--forever--figured we'd out smart them.. *wink* I remember the crap I use to get into..

She will sing and count and scream for Abbey to wake up when she tires of entertaining herself! She is my oh-so focused child. Katie can play with a toy or a game for hours on end. She likes order and wants everything clean. She is constantly cleaning,stacking and organizing........She did not get that from me.

She is a real girly girl.

If I forget (nah, me?) to put her barrettes in her hair she is rainmain on steroids, "barrettes, barrettes, barrettes". Ok,Kate we get it. You want your barrettes? Princess in training. Help me lord....

Today she pretended the cord on my sweat pants was lipstick. She kept putting it on over and over with a huge grin and big lip smacking grunts of "mmmm mmmmmm.

Her most favorite thing is announcing to anyone and everyone when she's wearing anything new. 'New shoes, new hat, new dress, new socks'. And of course letting everyone know when mommy is drinking her "duice". Busted!

Katie is my snuggle bug and a kissing bandit. It is nothing for her to plant a big fat kiss on Abbey. She is also perfectly content sitting on my lap all day and singing. The sweetest words to my ears are when she says "mommy, mommy" in her Freddy Kruger voice. Ahhh, how sweet it is?

Katie is the obedient one. Makes my heart sing like a canary. She comes when she is called... the first time....Yea, it's true. Not necessarily the case with my other twin....who will stop.... listen... and run in the opposite direction laughing the entire way! Me running behind her screaming... Get back here...and when I catch you......

Katie too can count to 10. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the Guantanamo interrogations, but dang she can count!! She also knows basic shapes, circle, square, star, sun, and moon. They both seem to think everything is purple which is oddly funny because we don't have a purple thing in our house nor do I like purple.But baby do we have the pink covered....Poor Jeff, so out numbered....

I find myself laughing out loud at her antics and her sheer cuteness. I love you little Katie bug.