Getting Braver

I've been getting a little more brave and decided to take the girls with me *gasp* today to meet some friends for lunch. Normally I wouldn't be so inclined to take them anywhere without my traveling entourage. But, I figured I can do this. Right? And I flew without a safety net. NO STROLLER. Yikes.... My biggest fear was that they would run in two different directions once we got inside the restaurant. They didn't. Surprise, surprise. Maybe it was because it was a new place or was it that stern talk I had with them before we got there? Hmmm.....

But before we got to the restaurant we did have to jump through a few hoops. I knew we needed to leave the house by 11:00am (knew this was never going to happen on a good day...) if we were going to make it by noon. I went upstairs to change and thought it would be perfectly ok to leave the girls unattended for a few minutes. I mean, how much damage could they do in just a few minutes?! I dressed hurriedly and ran back downstairs. There the girls were standing naked down to their diaper and laughing. Aaaah. You ever have one of those feelings like you just can't move quick enough? And to top it off Abbey had a major poo which meant another delay. I finally got them re-dressed and in the car.

I had a great time with my girlfriends Crissy and Heather and little Ashley. Believe it or not the girls were almost perfect. My girlfriends wanted to take pictures as this was not a Rony they once knew. ha ha... The girls followed me in the restaurant as I said "follow the leader". Crissy and Heather thought that was pretty humorous. Like I'm really in charge?! Katie and Abbey did share with them what mommy says, "no, no, no" and they even shook their little fingers like I do. We all got a big laugh out of that.

An elderly couple stopped by the table to comment on how well behaved and adorable they were. They shared with us that they had adopted twin daughters from Japan as babies and they had just turned 21 and were finishing up college. I felt so much compassion towards this couple that I did not know. I know what we had to endure to finally have our family I can't imagine what it must have been like so many years ago.

We managed to finish up before there were any real explosions or melt downs from the girls. I was holding my breath and saying a silent prayer. We had a quiet ride home. Katie caught a couple zzzzz's and Abbey was on her cell phone all the way home. Who was she talking to?

They have been entertaining daddy this evening which always cracks me up.......