Is it Friday?

We were up super early this morning as the Macy's rep was coming to examine our mattress. They(Hecht's) bent the frame when the delivered it but they didn't want to take responsibility. Now that Hecht's is Macy's we thought we'd try again.

Jeff had taken babies a cup of warm milk when he woke up. We do this every morning so as to give me time to shower and get ready for work or whatever I have planned for the day. If we didn't I'd never get a shower. Normally I would prepare their milk cups, but since I fell and broke my leg it is exhausting climbing the stairs--let alone chase them all day. Anyway, I went in to change the girls and they were already out of their pajamas. New thing for them. They are constantly taking off their clothes. I put them on and they take them off. I changed Abbey's diaper, brush her teeth, and wash her face and re-dress her. Katie's turn. We have the same routine every morning, however miss Katie acts like it were her first time. You could hear her screaming in the next county while I was brushing her teeth. You would have thought I was pulling her teeth. Finally were done. I turn around and Abbey has undressed again! So we re-dress her and head down stairs.

Girls stop in our bedroom to help daddy and Macy's rep. I'm sure he was less than happy. If it wasn't for the dog smelling his butt my kids were under foot. I know he wanted to get the heck out of our place. I finally get them down the stairs. Princess Katie refused to go down the stairs unless mommy carried her. Which I'm not supposed to be doing with the broken leg. I'm in the kitchen getting their yogurt and banana and my electric jolt-- Coffee when I discover the girls have been in the tupperware drawer. Not terribly awful but Katie has water in her bowl and is swirling it around as if it were a fine wine! Ok, where did she get that? The dog's water dish! She then starts sipping it like it was wine!! Gross. Now I'm wondering what terrible disease she is going to get. It was bad enough that they were eating Maggie's dog food last night......And so enjoying it. They kept saying "cookie". I know their cookies taste way better than that.

Girls have had their go-gurt as they call it and have been out on the deck playing in pajamas. It's 60 degrees here today. Abbey just came up to let me know poo-poo. Great. Why couldn't she do that on the potty?