Eye Exam -- Katie--- A.O.K.

Katie had her first eye exam today. Abbey couldn't figure out why she was not going in the car with mommy. She stood at the door and said "mommy, car"? It was so sad. Katie's eyes are fine. The only negative news from the doctor was that Katie will wear glasses some day. Of course we all do, right?

I treated Katie to lunch being that we had to leave the house at O-dark hundred for her appointment. I barely got a cup of yogurt in her before we were strapping her in the carseat. I know she was wondering why she was fully dressed at 8:00am and where the heck we were going in such a hurry. Yes, my girls run around in their pajamas until after their nap. Some days when daddy is at the helm they're in their pajamas ALL day. So lame, but it works for him.... Anyway, I thought it was time for her to experience McDonald's. I've been so good about not feeding the babies junk food. Well, of course she loved it!

Girls both have gone on the potty the past two days after nap. Big step for us. Maybe we will have them potty trained by their 2nd birthday. I hope.....